Businesses are facing a real challenge

"We are seeing that many companies are making significant investments to train their teams.
But the reality is, the majority of employees don’t value it enough. Sometimes they even view it as a "burden", except for the consultants, when we send them to Columbia or Harvard!"

Mischa Zielke, Partner at McKinsey & Company

We’ve got a strong opinion on this

The key is not to offer a host of courses. The most important thing is that each program has an impact, that employees understand its value and no longer see it as an obligation - but rather a reward. Something they feel proud of accomplishing.

This is what we mean by generating impact...

To make this happen, we offer programs different from anything else on the market:

The learning methodology has to adapt to people’s lifestyles, and not the other way around!

15-min, entertaining, straight-to-the-point classes (microlearning) which can be completed as and when it suits your employees.

Business School experience plus networking

Access to a professional global community with hundreds of in-person events, all over the world, online networking, etc.

We have to learn from the best in the world

Like Marc Randolph (founder of Netflix), Eric Ries (author of The Lean Startup), Jeff Sutherland (creator of Scrum), Guy Kawasaki, and many, many more.

Dynamic, Live sessions (‘blended’ format)

To offer a complete experience, your teams can join live sessions delivered by some of the world’s leading experts, where they can ask questions and reinforce newly learned skills.

Think big: you can train hundreds (or even thousands) of your employees

Find out how other leading companies are already using our programs:

Over 400 employees training in business and innovation.

Flexible executive training for 400+ employees.

500+ employees enrolled in our full and focused programs.

Training over 300 new hires with our Future Leaders and Digital Marketing programs.

ThePower Business School is taking the Global Clients team to another level

Global partnership to train hundred of managers in 10 countries.

We want to help you make the most of our partnership

Your Plan includes value-added services:

From the very start of our partnership, our team of Learning Solution Architects will be on hand to advise you in the selection of programs that will generate the most impact on your teams, creating ad-hoc learning experiences.

Our Customer Success Managers will monitor your teams’ engagement levels, to ensure completion rates and satisfaction levels are as high as possible.

You’ll have an all-in-one dashboard from where you will manage the entire project, such as inviting team members to specific programs, monitoring their progress, and generating reports with the KPIs you need.

As a partner, you’ll have access to our talent pool (3500+ students) via our headhunting service. We’ve combined our AI and Machine Learning technology (AssessFirst) with a personalized selection process to bring you the most qualified candidates specific to each role.

There are two things we consider extremely important and form the pillars of our UVP

Invite vs. Open content

ThePower in Company is a business school that allows you to invite your teams to specific programs. This means we are not an open content platform.

Why? Because we want your teams to value the training and, of course, feel valued and proud of the opportunity that you, their employer, are offering them to skill up and develop as professionals.

We haven’t come to compete against what you’re already doing

You’re likely already offering some form of internal training, whether that’s a corporate university, a contract with a content platform...

And that’s absolutely fine! What we want to offer is the opportunity for hundreds (or maybe thousands) of people in your teams to live the experience of a disruptive online business school at a reasonable cost.

A small investment that will  MULTIPLY the results of your corporate training strategy


We have invested more than $23m and brought in some of the sharpest minds in the world, including the founders of Netflix, YouTube, and Lean Startup to create a learning model that helps companies, like yours, train ALL your teams at the cost for which you previously trained a single executive.

ThePower Business School is a digital business school that has revolutionized management education around the world. The school’s programs use a disruptive, micro-learning methodology (15 min, audiovisual classes) taught by world-renowned entrepreneurs and experts, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional business school.

Top companies from various industries (both SME and large-scale enterprises) from all around the world have embraced this revolution and are already training their teams.

First of all, what is ThePower Business School?













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It’s going to maximize the value of your current internal training strategy


The business program that has transformed management education worldwide and is a perfect match for...

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High Potential or "Star" Profiles: This program is perfect for your most promising profiles, which you not only want to reward but also enhance by equipping them with the same language and tools that executives use.

Engineers and Technical Profiles: It is key that profiles with specialist backgrounds - such as engineers - understand the business as a whole, especially those who are in positions of responsibility (this is why, MBAs were created!).

Digital Marketing

A program designed to transform your Marketing Department into a team of 'Full-Stack' profiles with 360º vision. In addition, we offer shorter specialized programs such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Instagram Pro.

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Specialized marketing teams: SEO, CRM, Analytics…: In marketing departments there are many functional profiles such as creative designers, copywriters, data technicians, SEO specialists, and social media managers. It's critical that they shift from a micro to macro perspective of marketing.

Marketing Managers: There’s no digital marketing, marketing IS digital. It is essential that those who are leading the department are up to date with the language, tools, different channels, and most important metrics of digital marketing.

Business Innovation 360º

A short program aimed at generating impact and providing new models and digital opportunities to...

Senior managers and Executive team / C-Level: An insightful program specifically designed for more senior profiles who may have already completed various executive training programs. Business Innovation 360º will help them to refresh, be inspired by success (and failure) case studies and adapt to their new digital environment.

Who is it for?

Data Science

Programs aimed at business teams (non-technical) that immerse themselves in fundamental tech areas such as data, digital analytics, cloud, etc., with world-renowned experts such as Guy Kawasaki and Martin Eberhard (co-founder of Tesla):

Digital Analytics

Digital Transformation

  • Sales teams
  • Teams working closely with the data or IT departments
  • Product team
  • Directors wanting to make better, data-backed decisions
  • “Analog” profiles or teams subject to change function or area

Security Awareness

  • Workplace security program recommended for any employee.

Microsoft Office & Google Suite

  • The perfect program to increase the productivity of all employees using these tools at your company.

Tech for Business

Who is it for?


  • A complete and 100% hands-on program focused on soft skills, where students will learn to be more productive, to solve complex problems, and key skills such as oratory or persuasion.

PowerMind Training

  • Mindfulness program, which will help your people implement techniques to reduce their stress and improve their mental stability.

Leading with Impact (ESG)

  • Program tailored for the C-Level, who require a more strategic leadership, as well as a holistic view of the impact at the organizational level.

Disruptive Management

  • Leadership program created for Managers or anyone who leads a team, who need strategies, frameworks, techniques and any practical tool to manage their team on a daily basis.

Leadership & Soft Skills


  • Sales Team / Commercial department.
Who is it for?

Future Leaders

  • Interns and new hires.


  • Innovation teams, Digital Transformation, Product Development...

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